Twisted Tour

La Folie - Twisted Tour

Confession: I may have slightly imposed myself on Laura‘s tour… hehehe

La Folie - Twisted Tour

You know how I feel about Laura’s patterns right? They’re perfection! The Twisted Tank and Twisted Trousers are no exception!!!

First the Tank. I LOVE it! This was my first time using this pattern. I made the untwisted version and wanted something a little more girly – and now you say what? Even more than all that coral/pink she has going on?? And I say Yes… heheh I was inspired by copied Mie’s’ super cute version of the Rowan Tee (she even has a tutorial for it so check it out); I knew I wanted to do it as soon as I read that post!! 😀

La Folie - Twisted Tour La Folie - Twisted Tour

I used flame knit in coral from my local fabric store, and finished armholes and neckline with dark yellow rib from NOSH. (OMG I ONLY HAVE A SMALL PIECE LEFT!!!! I NEED more!!) Madalena was so happy when she saw it, I know I’ll have to do some more for Summer, some twisted ones included!

La Folie - Twisted Tour

And now the Trousers… This is my fifth pair, and I couldn’t love this pattern more! I want a pair just like this for me!!! Am I a horrible person for coveting my daughters’ clothes? Laura I know you’re all busy growing an adorable human being and all, but please I need this in adult size!!! hehehe 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤

Regarding my options I made front pockets, pipping on the side seams and yoke, no back pockets and no fly (I know I know I’m the laziest ever… but I actually think it works perfectly like this, ahem). For STYLO I decided (don’t ask me why!!!) to make size 4 and though I like the fit in that particular fabric, I knew I wanted to go back to size 5 when making these. I love the fit!

 For the bottom seams I wanted to try a different finish, and this seemed the perfect opportunity. I used fold over elastic in black, and I’m really happy the result, I just wish I had trimmed the bottom of the pants so that they finished with the size they were supposed, heheheh. Well they’ll fit longer, that’s my eternal legit excuse for messing up… 😉

La Folie - Twisted Tour

After I finished these, I remembered why my fabric seemed so familiar… Sweet Sara used it beautifully not long ago for a pair of pants too! 😀 And this time I can tell you that this pretty floral is rayon (yeah I totally checked her post to see what fabric was this because I buy but never ask hahaha, I’m a bad girl LOL). As for the waist I used NOSH rib in Powder, I think it pairs great with the pants fabric.

La Folie - Twisted Tour

La Folie - Twisted Tour

La Folie - Twisted Tour

 Well I love it and I hope you love it too! Go check these super cool patterns because they are TOTALLY worth it!

La Folie - Twisted Tour

I couldn’t help myself… It really looks like she’s saying that! 😉

La Folie - Twisted Tour

La Folie - Twisted Tour

La Folie - Twisted Tour

Dad photobombing… ❤

La Folie - Twisted Tour

Sorry for the extra worn out sandals… hehehe 😉

And now something fun… I knew I would be posting on the same day as Celina, and I should be slightly dreading it because she always delivers amazing things, but actually I feel really really happy and honored to post with her (you know I’m her die hard number one fan right?). Sooo anyway, I saw that she was using a dark background fabric for her pair and commented with her how cool we were on the same vibe. She suggested we’d make a collage with the girls, and… you know I’m a sucker for collage… Well here you go: once upon a time Madalena and Miss E were together in their Twisted Trousers. 😉



Don’t forget to fully check her amazing version! I’m sure you did by now, but you know… ❤

La Folie - Twisted Tour

Thanks for stopping by, until next time.


11 thoughts on “Twisted Tour

  1. Gah, I love that fabric sooo much!!! What a perfect outfit!! I really want to make another pair of twisted trousers with a thin summer-y fabric like this! And I’m so happy you got inspired by my post!!! And that collage….perfection!!!! So funny!

  2. Your daughter is gorgeous and that outfit is the bomb! You know I am your #1 fan right? ❤ ❤ ❤ I bet those two girls would get on so well… One day, I know it. Awesome job as always and thanks for always putting a smile on face, your posts are always a pleasure to read. Yeah my friend ROCKS! So happy to be posting with you today!

  3. You’ve made another gorgeous pair of Twisted Trousers – love the change at the hem and the fabric you’ve used. The tank looks lovely too and goes so well with the trousers. As if this post wasn’t amazing enough already, you go and add those collages! You two are so funny. Thanks so much for being on the tour my friend.

  4. The post is so good!! Love the collages 🙂
    The trousers are great but the tank is so cute and girly!! Perfect match 😉

  5. How cool! Ando há que tempos para fazer umas twisted trousers para a Gabriela tb e o que tenho em mente é algo como estas que tanto tu cm a Celina fizeram. Pois claro que adorei, não é!?

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