ZIGGY TOP . Just Add Detail


Yes, you don’t have to wonder I was born in the 80’s.

 This is so exciting! I was invited by Olu and Anna from Madeit Patterns to take part on this friendly competition called Just Add Detail. Add detail to what you might ask? To one of their cool patterns: The Ziggy.

La Folie Sewing Booth - Ziggy Top

Ziggy is a great pattern for a boxy oversized top that allows you to make an endless number of looks. The pattern itself comes with instructions for adding some different cool details.

So my version… I was inspired by a similar detail on a dress of mine (from Skunkfunk), a simple casing on the sleeve with two straps inside that allows you to ruche the sleeves. It was Marta that actually brought to my attention that such detail would be a cool feature to add to a pattern. (Thank you my friend!)

La Folie Sewing Booth - Ziggy Top

To create the casing on top of the existing sleeve, and since I didn’t want to add much bulk, I decided to just place a stripe of the same jersey on top of the sleeve and sew it with a decorative stitch so that the raw edge was less noticeable.  Made it a teeny bit smaller than the sleeve so that the straps could stop at the same height as the sleeve.

La Folie Sewing Booth - Ziggy Top

For the straps I used T-shirt yarn in neon pink (actually it seems to be more like lycra or something). I bought a giant bolt for less than 3€ so now I’ll have neon yarn forever hahahaha. Or maybe everyone is getting neon hairbands for next Christmas/Birthdays LOL. Too bad I couldn’t find neon thread too…

La Folie Sewing Booth - Ziggy Top

La Folie Sewing Booth - Ziggy Top

Here you have it, The Ruche (I think this will definitely be a thing now) in all its glory!! hehehe

La Folie Sewing Booth - Ziggy Top La Folie Sewing Booth - Ziggy Top

The other small detail I added was on the neckline finish. I opted to make kind of a bias binding with the neon yarn, to have a subtle pink line around the neckline. I like how it turned out.

La Folie Sewing Booth - Ziggy Top La Folie Sewing Booth - Ziggy Top La Folie Sewing Booth - Ziggy Top + Morocco Pants

Just in case you’re wondering, YES these are Morocco Pants. That amazing pattern that my truly inspiring friend Celina created and showed us on the Sewing for Kindergarten series. I sewed this pair as a pre-test to check fit, and I already love them so much!! This will be another fab pattern my friends.

La Folie Sewing Booth - Ziggy Top + Morocco Pants

Sorry I couldn’t help myself… 😀 I Love these pants!

ZiggLa Folie Sewing Booth - Ziggy Top + Morocco Pants

Well, I truly hope you liked my detail. And also that I didn’t temporarily blind you with the bright neon everywhere. 😀

Thank you so much Anna and Olu for having me, it was great fun and a real pleasure to work with your perfect, super stylish patterns. Oh and Madeit Patterns is having a 20% discount on the Ziggy Top this week only, so it’s a great opportunity to grab yourself a copy. It’s totally worth it!!

20% off Ziggy

Also be sure to check what my fellow competitors have made. It’s a great line up!!


Olu . Kim . Renee . Tasha .  Teri . Dorothea . Maria . Maartje . Sara . Nina . Ajaire . Julie . Maria . Natalie . Ashley . Toya . Diorella

27 thoughts on “ZIGGY TOP . Just Add Detail

  1. I just blinked and still had neon pink in front of me hahaha Just kidding;) Love the effect of the ruched sleeve. So simple and so effective! Love it 🙂

  2. Rushed sleeves was on my details-to-add list too… 🙂 It turned out so amazing!! Now I’ll definitely have to make a rushed Ziggy. 🙂 That pink neon is the cherry on top! I love the cool stitching you made along the casing. And I can’t wait for Celina to release this pattern!

  3. Ha, so I just went and saw the original Footloose movie last week – this top reminds me of that so much – LOVE the 80s vibe 🙂 Such a cute detail. And there can never be too much neon pink when you have daughters Ines :))

  4. YES!!!! I adore those rouched sleeves. It’s so good! And I’m still way into touches of neon so this is so gorgeous to me right now. I am definitely doing a version like this too. It’d be perfect for a beach cover up this summer. Great idea!! And now I can’t wait for Celina’s pattern to come out 😉

  5. Oh I just love this, simple but sooo effective, love the neon draw cords and the neck contrast, actually I really love the neck contrast I think I will need to make myself a top with this detail.

  6. Seriously, how did I miss this post! How cool is this outfit? The pink neon is awesome paired with the sweater and the pants look so comfy. I fell the urge to add a touch of neon to my girl’s wardrobe – Love it so much ❤

  7. Ficou genial, Inês, adoro o contraste mas a minha parte preferida é aquele ponto “decorativo”… tão bem utilizado! Parabéns!

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