Julia Sweater . the second

First things first: I’ve made a Sweater and all I got were 4 lousy photos… 🙂

La Folie Sewing Booth _ Julia Sweater

Hello friends. So here I am showing you what was supposed to be my February “sewing for myself once a month personal challenge” project. Except this was finished on March 1st heheh. FYI I’m totally blaming it on the fact that this isn’t a leap year, ha. 🙂 I’ve decided to go for another run on the Julia Sweater this time using the deep neckline option. I used a blueish French Terry I bought on my local fabric shop – 2 large pieces for about 6€, talk about great findings; and I really think it worked great, apart from the two giant flaws on the fabric that I only noticed after sewing the thing. Dang!

Yours truly made a huge, ahem 9cm huge, mistake while cutting the neckline (don’t ask me how it happened because I don’t know ok? heheh) and obviously faced major issues to make it fit properly. God!!! Sometimes I feel like someone should slap me so that I pay attention to what I’m doing hahah. (In my defense I did cut a Cappuccino tunic for my aunt on the same day and it was perfect, if I can say so myself :D)

La Folie Sewing Booth _ Julia Sweater

La Folie Sewing Booth _ Julia Sweater

After much tweaking I managed to make something wearable; even with the fabric flaws I’ve already worn it outside hahah and I’m sure it will have plenty of use. 😉

Hopefully this month I’ll make something else for me because this is counting as February ok? 😀 Have you seen Named Patterns newest collection?? I’m smitten on so many patterns I don’t know where to start, but I definitely want to give them a try.

La Folie Sewing Booth _ Julia Sweater

So this is me taking selfies with the Self-Timer option. 😀 (Andreia I’ve only managed to take 5 or 6 photos kind of in focus, so it’s clear your Mr. Auto is better than mine!! hhehe)

15 thoughts on “Julia Sweater . the second

  1. Ficou o máximo! Acho que comprei esse mesmo tecido na Feira dos Tecidos e também tentei fazer um top para mim, mas consegui estragá-lo. Estava a fazer um refashion inspirado na tua primeira Julia e cortei tudo mal. Vamos lá ver se março corre melhor! Eu não noto nada de mal no decote. Está perfeito! 😀

    • Está visto Diana que o problema está no tecido e não em nós! 😉 eu também ia dando cabo do tecido nessa Julia… Saíram uns moldes há pouco tempo parecidos com o que eu fiz, dá uma espreitada no blog da Rita que ela testou um deles. 😉

  2. A sweater ficou muito gira e fica-te lindamente 🙂 Para dizer a verdade até gosto mais da gola assim (grandes descobertas foram feitas por acaso 😉 )

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