Floral Leggings

Since this past Christmas, when I received my Serger (for those who don’t know what that is – a great sewing machine that really makes most sewing projects so much easier), I’ve wanted to start sewing more with knits. I had done some projects with my regular machine and they turned out acceptable. Actually the first thing I’ve sewed, after hemming the drapes of our house, was an upcycled T-shirt for Madalena back in 2011, that you can see here (oh dear I was so proud when I finished that)… But with an overlock machine everything is soooo much easier, I think it was my favourite gift ever!!

Back to our subject; so I wanted to sew more with knits and the other day on one of my local fabric stores I found a off-cut piece of floral knit fabric that seemed just right for my new adventures… And I decided to start with leggings, a pair for each of my girls.

IMG_6221 IMG_6314

I self drafted the patterns from some pairs they already had and added a little detail on the bottom cuff that I saw on Mad Mim. That said I must learn not to Pin things I like and then don’t go and read the tutorials with attention (and you should because it’s a great and easy to follow tutorial). Note to self you’re not the SuperSeamstress, Ha (that should be a real super hero by the way, I’d totally buy her comics)! You see, my cuff didn’t turn quite as I imagined it and as it was in the photos I had seen; I think it should be a bit more gathered but it still looks cute I guess. Next time I’ll do better. I tend to trust my “architect” eye as if it was a real skill and not measure everything like I should; and so I have to be prepared for some surprises… 😀

IMG_6207IMG_6320 Don’t you just love  my daughter’s self pedicure…

I made Frannie’s leggings first (yes that’s one of the short names we call my youngest daughter; around here she’s also known has Franga – which is the Portuguese word for chick – and Moaning Myrtle since sometimes she sounds just like that Harry Potter’s character) 😉 and on Friday I made Madalena’s (we also call her lots of other names around here but our favourite is Maduska) just before we went to the beach, where I had planned to take some photos of this project. Well I’m not big on dressing them with matching outfits but for the purpose of taking pictures I bended my rules a bit.  And guess what I think they look somewhat adorable together in their new leggings.

IMG_6293 IMG_6286 IMG_6311

 I’m loving to work with knits and I can’t express to you how happy I am with my serger, it’s like a sewing highway!! 😀 Bottom-line this was such an easy peasy project and I’m really glad with the result; someone’s making a lot more of these leggings for summer!!

To finish a great afternoon we went to our favorite pizza place, that stays right at the top of the hill from that beach. The pizza is delicious and that view is just perfect!

IMG_6357 IMG_6353 IMG_6339

I like spring but moments like these make me wish summer was already here!



9 thoughts on “Floral Leggings

  1. As leggings ficaram um mimo. Tenho mm que tirar o pó à minha overlock, mas é daquelas coisas que vamos sempre deixando para trás. Cá para baixo o calor tem sido mesmo de verão, o que por um lado é ótimo, mas por outro já comecei a inchar que nem balão…

  2. Eu sou como a Carla – também gosto muito da “pirosice” de vestir os miúdos de igual, ou quase igual. 🙂 As leggings ficaram com muito bom aspecto! E gosto muito da malha (acho que já estive para comprar igual… 😉 ). De cada vez que costuro com malhas (o que acontece com frequência) é um misto de “gosto muito de fazer coisas com malhas!” com “oh, não… devagar, vá… com calma…”, porque não tenho uma corta-e-cose… Mas até me tenho safado bem com a máquina de costura de normal. E se não for antes, a corta-e-cose será uma prenda de anos (mas ainda terei que esperar até Outubro…). 🙂

    • Obrigada Sara!! Pois a malha é da feira hehehh super barata mesmo a competir com as leggings a 3 euros da HM, já que fiz 2 pares por 4€ 😉 Agora que tenho a corta e cose não quero outra coisa… A sério se tiveres oportunidade vale mesmo a pena! O pai natal comprou-me uma barata, apanhei uma singer no lidl e estou mesmo satisfeita, pelo menos para o meu nível de costura funciona às mil maravilhas… E confesso que já andei a namorar as cover hem; isto é um vício… 😀

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